I haven’t written in a while. I have been busy working. I’m just posting this note to let you know that I have more coming. Short stories. Essays. Opinions. Testimonies. The like. I just have to get through it. When I get there, I get there. When I know, I will know. Then, I will … Continue reading Bookmarks

I’m Yours, LORD

Originally posted on Blessed Beyond Measure:
I’m Yours Lord, everything I’ve got Everything I am, everything I’m not. I’m Yours Lord, try me now and see See if I can be completely Yours. My life and my love, I leave in Your hands, I’ll gladly perform as Your will demands I know it’s not much,…

On Being A Tugboat

Originally posted on BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog:
By Kirsten Voris I was going to let this anniversary go unacknowledged. I must have known it was a big deal. I wrote it in my calendar. One year out. July 26th, the day I took the decision to sit down for a specific amount of time, on…

A Rock

This is a test post, but it will also serve as a witness to my attempt to start a blog, and the first attempt to become a writer. May strength lay ahead.

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